Self-sufficient, self-sustainer

On and on never stopping and never ending

More electric than lightning

More strength than hurricanes

The whistling in the trees, the roaring waves of the seas

Tell of hope, brushstrokes by the hidden artist

The maker revealed, unknown made known

Light breaking in, time for darkness to go

Mender of hearts, O doctor, my doctor!

Restorer and renewer, old to brand new

Forgotten by some, knower of all

Beaten and broken, laid low by love

Love is victorious, finished is the final cry

Death yielded its grip, its power cut

Sin stripped of strength, made to surrender

Enough was enough, the hammer fell

But the grave’s bare, the tomb now emptied

Born to be King, on the throne he reigns

Opening eyes, giving life, breaking chains

A whole lot of grace and a little bit of faith