Dan Everett

5 bullet points of October 19

Here's a list of 5 things that I've been enjoying and learning about in October: Music I've been listening to: JESUS IS KING by Kanye West So, I've had this on repeat over the past number of days. I love... Continue Reading →

10 rules of email

“We have to make sure technology is enhancing our relationships, not replacing them. We need to make sure our ability to communicate doesn’t cause us to talk more while actually saying less.” Craig Groeschel Methods of communication are constantly evolving.... Continue Reading →

Two simple words will define your life

Words are extremely powerful. They are how we communicate as human beings and they play a major part in how we express ourselves. However, there are two simple words in particular which will define your life more than any others,... Continue Reading →

5 ways that you can develop a healthier relationship with your phone

Am I an addict? Looking at me you probably wouldn’t think so. I don’t do drugs and I rarely drink alcohol. But addiction has many forms. Am I the only one who gets sweaty palms if I, for a nano-second,... Continue Reading →

Making my bed changed my life

A couple of years ago depression and anxiety were running my life. I was almost constantly feeling paralysed in my thoughts and emotions. I knew big changes were needed to get out of the place I found myself in but... Continue Reading →

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