1. Develop vision for reading

Why do you want to read more? That’s where you’ve got to start. One of the things I like to think about is who do I want to be because how we spend our time forms who we become. My reason for reading is that I want to be someone who continues to grow in wisdom, learns from others, and is then able to encourage others.

2. Read something that adds value

Don’t just read any old thing. Read something that adds value to your life. What are your criteria for picking a book? Read widely but be picky. I usually only read a book if it’s been recommended by someone I trust, either a friend or an author I’ve read before. I keep a big wish list of books to remember for the future.

3. Talk to others who like reading

You become like who you hang out with. You’ll be inspired by others that share the common interest in reading, and even get ideas for what to read next. Maybe you’ll get some freebies as well?

4. Share with others what you’re learning

One of the best ways to learn is to share what you’re studying with others. It helps your mind understand the material better and, hopefully, helps someone else along the way. I do this through my podcast with short 2 minute book reviews as well as in day to day conversations.

5. Make it part of your life

Don’t turn reading into a chore, make it part of your life. If you’re at the gym or on your walk to work then make the most of the time by listening to an audiobook. If you’re commuting on public transport, read a few pages of a book. Before you sleep read 5 more pages. It’s probably better than simply scrolling on your phone. Having a certain time or place to read helps you build a long term habit.

6. Try alternative ways of reading

You don’t have to stick to the usual paperback book, you can try Audible or read an ebook. I didn’t think I’d like listening to audiobooks as I prefer to see the words I’m reading but now I find I listen to more books than I read.

7. Redirect your attention from Netflix & social media

I reckon that for the length of 8 episodes of a Netflix series you can read a whole book. How many seasons have you binged recently? You do have the capacity to read more books. It’s likely you spend many minutes (or hours) a day reading social media or the news, maybe it’s time to put the phone out of reach and pick up a book.

Okay, so what are you going to go and read?

What helps you read? I’d love to hear from you so please email me on daneverett90@gmail.com, leave a comment or find me on Social Media @daneverett90 and if any of this was helpful please do share it with your friends.

Much love,

Dan 🙂