Hi friend,

Here’s a list of 5 things that I’ve been enjoying and learning about in April. I’d love to hear how your April has been, how have you been keeping yourself going in the lockdown? Please leave a comment.

  • Song I’m enjoying:

Times Like These – BBC Live Lounge

The classic Foo Fighters song has been redone by a whole host of musicians as part of a special lockdown BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge session. I love it, and even better, it was done to raise money for Children In Need and Comic Relief.

  • Book I’ve been reading:

Life is an obstacle course by Andrew Owen

Pastor Andrew Owen, who oversees Destiny Ministries, has written this book which is extremely timely for our current circumstances. Each chapter looks at how we can overcome different challenges, temptations, deceptions, and more in our lives. I love Pastor Andrew’s commitment to the Bible and its application in every season. Looking for something to read during lockdown? Start here.

Stand-out quote:

“God does not teach us in the trial, He teaches us in His Word and we apply it to the trial!”

  • App that I’ve been enjoying:


I caved. It was the combination of several of my favourite franchises, i.e. Star Wars and Marvel, that made the decision to get Disney’s new streaming service. The World According To Jeff Goldblum and The Mandalorian have been especially fantastic.

  • Series I’ve been watching:


I’d seen the Homecoming trailer previously on Amazon Prime and hadn’t thought much of it. However, after finishing Mr Robot and finding out that Sam Esmail had also produced Homecoming I thought I’d give it a shot and I’m glad I did. I love the unique style of filming and how immersive the series is. Homecoming has shorter than usual episodes but it keeps you on the edge of your seat from the start to the end, and I can’t wait for season 2 in May.

  • Challenge that I’ve undertaken:

Deleting WhatsApp for a week

Last week both Emily and I had a week off of work and we were faced with a challenge – how do you have a holiday in the lockdown? Because my phone is on pretty much all the time and I often find it hard to keep to my boundaries with it, especially during lockdown, it would have been easy to simply to have my holiday as business-as-usual, yet deleting social media and WhatsApp apps allowed my brain to have a holiday even if my body is stuck in one place. There’s definitely a sense of freedom and relief that comes when the pressure to always be connected is removed. I’ve reinstalled all the apps yet I think I’ll delete them again next time I’m needing a break.

What has been entertaining you so far in lockdown? I’m always looking for new series to try or apps to try. Do you have any suggestions? Drop a comment here or connect with me on Instagram or Twitter.

Did you miss…

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It’s coming into May, I’ll be 30 this month, it’s definitely going to be a memorable birthday. Enjoy the sunshine, stay safe,

Much love,