Here’s a list of 5 things that I’ve been enjoying and learning about in October:

  • Music I’ve been listening to:

JESUS IS KING by Kanye West

So, I’ve had this on repeat over the past number of days. I love it. If you’re going to give it a listen my favourites are ‘Closed on Sunday’ and ‘On God’. The album is inspired throughout by Kanye’s recent born-again experience and finding a new purpose in Jesus. It’s hard to know someone’s spiritual journey from a distance yet I am hopeful for him and wait to see what’s next.

  • Podcast I’ve been learning from:

IMBetween podcast

I was introduced to this marriage, parenting and faith podcast by Sammy Ewan, who oversees the location pastors at Destiny Church Edinburgh. The episodes I’ve listened to are around the problem of pornography. It is a really unique and helpful insight about the issues that lead to porn addiction and the effect it has on men, women and relationships. I’d highly recommend listening to episodes 22 & 23 to see the link between shame and porn use.

  • Quote that’s inspired my thinking:

“The only way people will know what you believe is by the things you say and do, and if you’re not consistent in the things you say and do, no one will know what you believe.” Simon Sinek from ‘Start With Why’

  • Book I’ve been reading:

How to lead in a world of distraction by Clay Scroggins

I am SURE that I’m not the only one who struggles with distraction. There’s immense power in embracing slowness and focus yet it seems harder to attain than ever before. ‘How to lead in a world of distraction’ empathises with the challenge but casts a vision of life that is more well-paced and intentional.

  • App that I’ve been enjoying:

Inner Room app I’ve struggled with regular prayer rhythms throughout my life and I’m a bit sceptical of technology enhancing my devotional time with God (I am far, far too easily distracted). However, the Inner Room app has been great. The app helps you create playlists of prayer points, allows you to set a timer for how long you want to pray for while taking you through several prayer points that vary each time you use it. It’ll even remind you to remember to listen for what God is saying. Over the past month I’ve been the most consistently praying for regular requests that I can remember. If you’re needing some fresh energy in your prayer life check it out.

Have you tried any of these? Do you have any suggestions? Let me know!

Have an awesome November, wrap up warm.